Change Log

Version 0.3.5

Release date: 2017-11-04

  • Zero probe tool, allowing to zero using touch probe, including tool offset,
  • Forcing TinyG status report format on connection,
  • Added mouse position coordinate display in 3d viewer,
  • Added Gcode colorization mode allowing to colorize by motion mode, spindle state, or feedrate,
  • Added support for Radius Mode G2/G3 motions,
  • Added customizable arc specification check in GCode preferences,
  • Reworked command panel for better button layout,
  • Fixed G92 export,
  • Fixed G53 support,
  • Fixed a bug preventing from switching jog axis when using Shuttle Xpress devices,
  • Fixed spindle state display for Grbl,
  • Fixed broken spindle buttons in command panel,
  • Fixed Grbl not properly handling the end of a token execution,
  • Fixed TinyG not properly handling the end of a token execution,

Version 0.3.4

Release date: 2017-05-17

  • Grbl 1.1 support,
  • Configurable keybindings,
  • Improved execution time estimation. It now takes into account the machines maximum speeds,
  • Fixed Precise Jog behaviour,
  • Fixed an issue where serial connection was impossible after a unexpected disconnection,
  • Fixed Issue #39,
  • Fixed case issue during parsing of GCode,
  • Fixed default view keybinding so they don’t conflict with GCode editor,
  • Fixed G2 target board sometimes not showing,
  • Fixed error when changing Grbl status polling while being disconnected from Grbl

Version 0.3.3

Release date: 2017-02-26

  • G2 Core support,
  • Grid minimum and maximum retrieved from TinyG and G2 configuration,
  • MSG display in Digital Read Out for TinyG andd G2 board,
  • Fixed wrong handling of coordinate system (both Grbl and TinyG) - Issue #36
  • Fixed an issue where execution was not displayed in 3d view - Issue #35

Version 0.3.2

Release date: 2017-01-14

  • GCode macro support,
  • Added Grbl configuration watcher to maintain a stable and comptabile Grbl configuration,
  • Added Serial Console user defined display filter to avoid flooding the console,
  • Added preference to set the default view in 3D viewer at application startup ( in _Viewer_ page),
  • Added Reset action in command panel for both TinyG and Grbl,
  • Fixed error at startup org.eclipse.swt.SWTException: Failed to execute runnable,
  • Fixed Grbl not completing execution when Grbl errors happened during streaming,
  • Fixed size of Target board selection dialog not being displayed on high DPI monitors,
  • Fixed rendering of arc motion with rotary axis,
  • Fixed a bug where configured DRO settings were not saved,
  • Fixed a bug where the update confirmation was covered by the Progress dialog,
  • Fixed TinyG controller wrong handling of Inch units

Version 0.3.1

Release date: 2016-10-04

  • GCode text editor with syntax highlighting and error detection,,
  • Added Shuttle Xpress keybinding for Homing Sequence, and Reset Zero,
  • Finer control over grid opacity,
  • Customizable background color in 3D preview,
  • Customizable camera controls - Issue #29
  • More documentation
  • Added array modifier
  • Fixed G02 and G03 not handled due to middle 0 - Issue #30
  • Fixed Translate modifier to apply translation to motion only if they are affected on one axis at least,
  • Fixed execution monitor sometimes missing the few last commands of a file.
  • Fixed Restore Defaults for Quantity fields in preferences. It no longer writes unit in quantity field.

Version 0.3.0

Release date: 2016-05-01

  • Support for Grbl v0.9,
  • New GCode parsing functionalities,
  • Added GCode modifiers support (Translate, scale, segmentize…)
  • Added auto-leveler
  • Added wrapper to convert GCode to 4 axis
  • Added support for Shuttle XPress device
  • Added save/load project features
  • Added execution queue for multiple files execution
  • Improved jog functionnality
  • Online documentation
  • Fixed Grbl buffering issue,
  • Fixed High CPU while connected to serial - Issue #22