Target board:configure the you want to control. A restart is required for this setting to take effect.


This panel allows you to specify your favorite key binding for Goko commands.


Each command can be associated with a key sequence, and a context (When column).

For instance, the Find/Replace command, associated with the key sequence Ctrl + F in the In editor context, will only execute when Ctrl + F is pressed in the GCode editor view.

Name:the name of the command,
Description:quick description of the command (read only),
Binding:the actual key sequence. To change it, simply press the key sequence you want to use. The corresponding modifiers (Alt, Shift, etc…) will be automatically caught,
When:the context where this key sequence will trigger the action.


It is not possible to have 2 commands with the same Binding in the same context.


Length:Select the unit used to display length units in Goko UI.
Digits:the number of digit to display after the decimal separator for decimal values


These settings do not affect any unit setting in your machine board configuration.


This panel allows you to activate or deactivate the automatic check for updates at startup, and changes its frequency.