The editor provides useful features for GCode edition.
  • Syntax highlighting,
  • Error notification,
  • Undo and redo,
  • Find and replace,


tb-save Save the active document
tb-save-all Save all documents
tb-find Open Find/replace dialog on the current document
tb-undo Undo last modification
tb-redo Redo last undone modification
tb-settings Open editor settings panel

Edit GCode

To edit a GCode file, simply right click on the target file in the Workspace tree, and select Edit source The content of the file will be displayed in the Editor pat, ready for modifications.


Once saved, changes mades in the editor are immediately visible in the 3D preview of the GCode.

View final GCode

When applying modifiers to a GCode, the resulting program will obviously differ from the source file. To visualise the result of theses modifiers, right click the target file in the Workspace tree, and select View final The computed content will be rendered in the editor in read only mode. You won’t be able to change the code to avoid conflicts with the applied modifiers.


A read only tab editor


A standard (write acess) tab editor

Error visualisation

The editor will highligth words that doesn’t match the supported GCode words (see GCode support).



Click on the marker in the right ruler to quickly jump to the line containing the error

GCode containing error will be decorated with a red cross in the Workspace tree.


Editor settings

Editor settings can be accessed by clicking the cog icon in the top right corner of the editor part, or by using the Windows ‣ Preferences ‣ Editor preferences page.