3D Preview

This part provides a 3D preview of the GCode programs in the workspace and in the execution queue.



tb-activated Activate viewer (visible when disabled)
tb-deactivated Disable viewer (visible when active)
tb-grid Toggle grid visibility
tb-bounds Toggle GCode bound visibility
tb-zoom-fit Zoom to fit existing GCode in view
tb-view View switch selector
tb-kbd-jog Activate keyboard jog
tb-settings Open viewer settings panel



lmb Pan move of the view
rmb Orbit around the center of the view (Perspective view only)
mwb Scroll to zoom in/out


Alt + P Switch to perspective view
Alt + T Switch to top orthographic view
Alt + L Switch to left orthographic view
Alt + F Switch to front orthographic view


The above keyboard can differ according to your keyboard preferences

Keyboard jog

The preview part allows to jog using the keyboard.

Ctrl + J Enable keyboard jog
Up arrow Jog toward +Y
Down arrow Jog toward -Y
Left arrow Jog toward -X
Right arrow Jog toward +X
Page down Jog toward -Z
Page up Jog toward +Z
/ Decrement jog speed
* Increment jog speed

Grid size

The grid size and the major/minor can be adjusted from the Viewer preferences page.

It is also possible to automatically adjust the grid size from the boards soft limits. To do so, simply activate the matching parameter in the preferences and make sure the maximum ranges of your board are configured.


Preferences for 3D viewer are described in the Viewer preferences page